NewsRoom: Miss World Visits Pestel!


Miss World Team Visits Haiti!

“What father is not pleased with the first tottering attempt of his little
one to walk? What father would be satisfied with anything but the
manly step of the full-grown son?” George MacDonald

We believe God is Good and that He is making His Goodness evident in Pestel, Haiti. This joy is our strength. Education: Paths Out of Poverty On my recent trip in March to Pestel I was able to hand-deliver the check for completion of the Pestel High School! We look forward to sharing updates with you as they become available. Great thanks to all who contributed generously to this project.

Water: Attending to the Basics We have been reminded over these past couple of months of how paramount it is to have water since much of Pestel experienced a drought. From Sister Jo and Dr. Seneque, several deaths were sadly reported early on related to people taking risks to get water in hazardous places. As water availability dries up, the little water they do have becomes more concentrated with bacteria and other pathogens. This is a set-up for a disaster. We are joy-filled to interact with so many partners who are trying to ameliorate the severe water issue in different
and important ways. However, this issue is far from easy to solve. Here are several possibilities: The local authorities are calling for more cisterns to be built. Water Missions International
is exploring options for deeper welldrilling and also developing a couple of projects related to improving water access. The Miss World Organization, through their charity “Beauty With A
Purpose,” has teamed-up with a group in Duchity (led by Mr. John Ball from Illinois) where water availability is less
of an issue to provide ~3,000 ceramic
water filters (estimated to benefit
~18,000 people!!). This is a HUGE
undertaking. We grateful to the Miss
World Organization for their generosi-
Addressing issues of health, poverty, and development in rural Pestel, Haiti
We are pleased with the progress. There is
plenty still to do.